The Munay Ki

The Nine Initiations of the Munay Ki

It is time now for a new luminous human to enter our field of consciousness.

These powerful initiations, the Rites of Passage held sacred by the Laika, medicine men and women of the High Andes in Peru, transmit the data of the new human being that is evolving at the present time. They make it possible to heal our old wounds, change our DNA and create an energy pattern that holds a dream of our world based on love and power in harmony,  a world not informed by old behaviours that no longer serve us, a world that brings out the best of what it means to be a human being.

Through the Munay-Ki we prepare our energy bodies for “Pachacutti” – when the world turns the right way up again.  For the first time in our evolution these rites are being transmitted person to person, passed on, in order to empower the human race to make choices from a place of love and not fear.

It is no coincidence that we are here at this time, during the massive changes that are taking place right now. We are here to answer a call. We are here to create a new dream, a dream of abundance, of sharing and of keeping the planet that was left in our care safe for the future for all our children and our children’s children.

During the Munay Ki, as we receive these new archetypical energies into our field, we are strengthening our energy bodies in order to hold this new dream for the earth. This enables us to consciously co-create a world where we all have lives with a sense of purpose and we will all live in right relationship with the planet.

If you are called to this work and want to receive and also to gift these nine initiations to others, you will know. Is your soul yearning for something more  than your current experience of life? There is another way to live, another way to manifest our destinies.

The changes that occur in our energy field bring us closer to becoming luminous warriors with no need of enemies in this world or the next.
This training prepares you to set up and run your own Munay Ki training.  There are no pre-requisites.